Automatic reminders

Enabling automatic reminders for your account can assist in reducing the amount of time spent chasing recipients for documents that have not yet been completed.

When enabled, PleaseSign will automatically send reminder emails to recipients that have outstanding documents to sign at the interval in which you decide.

How to turn on automatic reminders

  1. Open your Business profile page from the sidebar, and scroll down to the preferences section.
  2. Drag the slider under the Reminder internal heading to specify how often reminder emails should be sent.
  3. Drag the slider under the Maximum number of reminders to specify how many reminders should be sent to a recipient, before stopping.
  4. Click save preferences to save your settings.

In this example, a document sent by an account with the settings shown will have a reminder email sent 7 days after the initial email for a total of 3 weeks before stopping. Resulting in a total of 4 emails being sent to the recipient, including the first initial email which was not a reminder.

Audit logs

Each time a reminder email is sent to a recipient, an event is recorded in the document audit log. This audit log can be used to identify how many emails have been sent at any given time.

You may use the resend email feature to send a reminder manually to a recipient at any time.

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