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Create a new user

If your PleaseSign subscription is for more than 1 user you can add additional users from your dashboard. Adding a user will send an email to their nominated email address asking them to create a password and verify their account. … Read More

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In person signing feature

In person signing allows you to select a host for another recipient to sign using their device. This way if both recipients are in the same space, they won’t both need to access a device, as one recipient can host … Read More

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5 Ways Digital Signature Impacts Your Business

Business transactions that require signatures are no longer contained in the physical world. Digital signatures can make a special online document legally binding and valid as if it is signed with an actual pen on an actual document. But first … Read More

Digital signature technology

In 2019, most countries welcome the use of digital signatures as a way to move beyond the norm of paper-based documents and signatures. Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the European Union and many … Read More