Create a new user

If your PleaseSign subscription is for more than 1 user you can add additional users from your dashboard. Adding a user will send an email to their nominated email address asking them to create a password and verify their account. This user will then be able to send documents via a branding of your choice, access templates and document folders that you have permissioned and sign documents with their own saved electronic signature.

If you are unsure on how access groups work, you can learn more here.

Creating the user

  1. Open Manage Users from the sidebar 
  2. Click the Create users button to open up a new window where you can add the new users.
  3.  In this window you can add as many users are you want, keeping in mind you will only be able to add as many users as your subscription allows.
  1. Once you’ve added the details of each new user, click create.
  2. This will now send an email to the users for them to create a password and verify their account.
  3. Once the user has been created, you can add them to an access group and assign a Brand to them if they won’t be sending from your companies default branding.

Please be mindful that adding extra users when on Entrepreneur, Business or Business Pro plans  won’t increase your document quota. If your plan isn’t serving your current sending requirements, send an email to your account representative or and someone will get in contact regarding a custom plan just for you.

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