Signature customization options

Our signature customization enables you to configure how your customers interact with the documents you send them for electronic signature. By default, there are three different types of signatures your customers can choose from:

  • Draw signature – The most common way of signing a document with electronic signatures, involves drawing your signature using your mouse or using your finger when on a touch-screen device.
  • Choose signature – Choose from 10 unique signature styles that we automatically generate using your first name and last name.
  • Upload signature – Upload an image of your signature from your hard-drive. This option may be useful if you already have a copy of your signature in an electronic format.

Force drawn signatures

Certain industries and governing bodies have preferences on which signatures should be used based on what “looks authentic”. For this reason you may choose to disable the options for your recipients to sign using an auto-generated signature, or by uploading an image of an existing one.

  1. Open your Business Profile page from the sidebar, and scroll down to the preferences section.
  2. Under “Force recipients to draw their signature when signing?” select Yes.

Setting the default signature type

When you are not forcing drawn signatures, you can change which option appears first to your customers when they click on a signature field. In the example below, Choose signature is the first option that appears.

  1. Open your Business profile page from the sidebar, and scroll down to the preferences section.
  2. Select which signature option you would like to appear first when your customers click on a signature field.

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