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A digital signature is a mathematical scheme for verifying the authenticity of digital messages or documents, an the identity of the signer. (

Essentially, a digital signature is the digital version of a hand written signature. Although it can take many shapes.

In short, no.

Terms like electronic signature and digital signature are often used interchangeably. 

Put simply,  electronic signatures refer to any signature that is applied electronically – for instance, on the form filled in on the website or your email signature. 

Digital signatures can serve as electronic signatures, however, they also provide a higher level of security and compliance. By applying digital signatures to a document, cryptography binds its digital certificate with the data being signed, therefore preventing documents from being replicated or altered by unauthorised parties.


You only need to create an account if you want to send a document to be signed. The identity of your recipient is verified by means of secure email. You can even set Access Codes to increase the security of your document.

PleaseSign authenticates all parties involved in a document so you know exactly who is signing. Any party signing a document through the Service must either have an active, verified account registered with PleaseSign, or have received by way of secure email, or secure sms a request for signature.

To protect information transmitted over the Service, all information transferred is 256-bit SSL encrypted.

Each document signed through PleaseSign is securely monitored, tracked and recorded in an audit trail. This non-editable audit trail contains a globally unique identifier, that can be used to look up a record in our database that shows all parties involved in the document and their signatures.

These records include an encrypted hash of the PDF document which can be used to compare to the encrypted hash of a provided document to determine whether or not it has been modified since the time of it’s completion.

PleaseSign has been designed to keep your documents secure and to prevent modifications of a document during and after the signing process. Utilising cryptographic hashing technology, PleaseSign creates a unique hash of the document PDF before it is sent for signatures. Each time a party signs the document a new unique hash is created, using this history of hashes you can prove there was no tampering or modifications made to the PDF document.

PleaseSign records a comprehensive log of all transactions that occur between signing parties. To provide you with a court-admissible transaction history, we record and time-stamp all events that occur from the moment a document is created, to when it’s filled out and signed by all parties.

To ensure this transaction history is verifiable, we process each event with a cryptographic hash function called a checksum to confirm the existing transaction history has not been tampered with and to securely record the new event.

PleaseSign Europe is a Luxembourg based company with staff in Luxembourg, Germany and France.

All of our administration is conducted out of our office in Sandweiler, Luxembourg.


To protect your information when it is transmitted through PleaseSign, it is 256-bit SSL encrypted. 

All data is stored on secure ISO 27001 certified AWS servers located only on European shores. We will never sell your information. Nor would we ever transmit it without you approval.

For more information please refer to our Privacy Policy

Of course!

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